Helping Women Help Themselves (HWHT) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in San Diego County. The organization is operated by successful business people that have practical experience in managing all aspects of owning and operating a successful business. Their business experience covers a complete range of businesses, from multi-million dollar companies to small home-based businesses.

HWHT is committed
to helping individuals

meet their goals!

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Core Mission

Helping Women Help Themselves (HWHT) was created to provide individuals with the necessary education to help them successfully own and operate their own small business. Education is provided through local seminars and the organization’s complimentary business manual. Most importantly, HWHT also provides on-going business support to individuals after they attend one of their educational seminars. The on-going business support includes one-on-one consultations on a wide range of business topics and basic graphic arts services. All services provided by HWHT are at no charge to the individual. The only request to the individual is to “Pay it Forward” to others.



Thanks for reaching out to the micro-business entrepreneurs like me. I had started to make the shift toward what I wanted but felt like a boat going around in circles. Thank you for your directions, always honoring my choice and thoughts. I am very grateful.
Cynthia B., Vista, CA
A word of gratitude for your support: wow, the logo development, the advice, the general support and belief in what I am doing has been amazing.
Autumn B., Encinitas, CA

Educational Programs

Educational programs vary depending upon the organization’s and individual’s needs. Programs range from personal consultations, 90-minute presentations to 3-hour seminars.  Programs can be conducted separately or as part of a broader organizational event. Each participant will receive a copy of A Business Manual for Small Businesses. Educational programs can be taught in both English and Spanish.

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On-Going Business Support

As a follow-up to HWHT’s educational programs, each participant will have access to HWHT’s on-going business support which includes help in completing various financial worksheets and business forms as well as logo development and one-on-one business consultation.

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A Practical Guide for Creating a Successful Small Business is intended to provide you with the most basic business questions you should consider when owning and operating a small business. Download the guide to learn more. Download A Practical Guide for Creating a Successful Small Business
Here are many of the tools you will need to take advantage of HWHT’s on-going business support. See how these documents can help you build your business and if you need help, contact HWHT today!Download Business Worksheets & Forms